Friday, January 10, 2014
A casual tribeca loft dining area

Technically, a loft isn't a room to include in my 'the ROOM' series, but this place isn't a dining room either. It is part of an open plan layout of an amazing loft in Tribeca. You can see the kitchen counter on the left and imagine the living room area behind the photographer's back (actually, you can see the whole place here). My first impression when I stumbled upon this shot was 'woa, a lofty space with high ceilings, pipes and everything that looks very casual and homey. I want to have dinner on this table!' There were also these little three steps you have to climb to the outdoor terrace (a really pretty one too) and that bold red statement pipe on the right that got my attention. What do you think of this space? What catches your attention?

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2 comments on "the LOFT (DINING SPOT)"
  1. I love that dinign table, looks really lovely with the hard wood floors

  2. The 3 steps that take you outside to the beautiful terrace!How cool??