My home, my paradise #2 (style)

Thursday, January 16, 2014
A style board collage of my favorite interiors with a colorful industrial vibe as a single dream home inspiration.

I'd like to welcome you to another dream home of mine today (see previous dream home here). Close your eyes and picture yourself in a downtown loft space, the one with exposed brick walls, high ceilings and large open spaces. Now, this space gets a happy uplift with some color and pattern and becomes a little more fancy than industrial and totally homey. In this place there will definitely be..

Exposed brick walls and large windows in the house of Madelynn Furlong. Photo by Wing Ta via The Everygirl.
Photo by Wing Ta via The Everygirl. brick walls and large windows

like any noteworthy loft owes to have. This ceiling high arched window in the apartment of Madelynn Furlong in Minneapolis is so amazing, just imagine all the light that'll bring inside the house. Love the string of light bulbs hanging from the ceiling right over it and the fresh happy breeze it creates.

Exquisite ethnic industrial kitchen. Photo via Air Space Locations.
Photo via Air Space Locations. exquisite kitchen

with built in cabinetry and shelves and a subtle ethnic vibe. How brilliant are these deep yellow vintage pendants? Love how they are combined with the industrial sign over the shelves and the contrasting round stone column on the other side of the room.

White painted brick walls and vintage cabinetry. Photo by Eve Wilson via The Design Files.
Photo by Eve Wilson via The Design Files.

..white painted brick walls and vintage cabinetry

in the dining room. As much as I love the muted red and brown variations of the bricks I'm also attracted to white painted ones. It is like letting the industrial vibe shine but in a more subtle kind of way. A great vintage piece of furniture would add character to the space as well, like this beautiful vintage haberdashery cabinet in the house of Trudy Gould and Seamus McCartney.

Inviting urban backyard. Photo by Amber Gress Photography via Style Me Pretty.
Photo by Amber Gress Photography via Style Me Pretty.

..a backyard

or terrace or balcony that would look as inviting as this one. It doesn't need to have much; just enough room for a table and some chairs and some plants to add the natural element. Of course the will be the proper lighting setting, as well, like a few string lights above head (I know I'm gonna need lots of string lights in this dream home =)

Kid's room with loft space. Photo by Peter Carlsson via Hus o Hem.
Photo by Peter Carlsson via Hus o Hem.

..a kid's room with loft space

to sleep and hideaway. Ok, this one speaks to my inner child but, frankly, I really wish I'd grown up in such a bedroom. Love the privacy of the lofted bed and all the extra space it creates underneath. And the fairy string lights. Of course!

Patterned floor tiles and black palette bed. Photo via El Ramla Hamra.
Photo via El Ramla Hamra.

..patterned floor tiles

in the bedroom. Love the gray variations in these. A monochromatic pattern is a bit easier to the eye and can be combined with the colors of your choice for a happier look (like the rainbow stripes of the throw) or stay simple when matched with neutral shades. Wouldn't mind trying the black palette bed too. I'm not sure if it is comfortable but looks quite cool anyway.

Black and white geometric pattern shower tiles. Photo via Maria LLadó.
Photo via Maria LLadó

..this shower.

Do I need to explain this one? The black and white geometric pattern of the tiles is gorgeous. I guess there will be some dizziness involved while showering but I feel it will be greatly approved as a part of the design aspect. At least it'd be fine by me. And the detail; the hammam towel waiting outside the cabin looks awesome!

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3 comments on "My home, my paradise #2 (style)"
  1. A home with exposed bricks? Yes, please! Add oak floorboards and my knees will go weak ;-)

  2. Love the tiles, where did you get them?

  3. I love the furniture, especially the cabinet... Great pictures, thanks for sharing!