My home, my paradise #1 (style)

Thursday, January 9, 2014
A style board collage of my favorite interiors as a single dream home inspiration.

Ι know you guys liked and embraced my ‘Putting together the house of my dreams’ posts (remember this, this and that one) so I thought it’s time I created a weekly series on that subject. The title I chose, My Home, My Paradise, is somehow deceiving as I merely show my own house but a choice of beautiful indoors from various sources instead. What I'm actually doing is creating an imaginary home that I would love to live in. This is the reason this blog exists in the first place anyway; to make us dream of beautiful, soul lifting spaces and help us appreciate the meaning of a great interior design and how life changing it can be.
Each week I'll be picking a few of my favorite rooms that have a connecting concept or style and visually work together like charm and collage them as a wannabe dream home. 
Today's dream home has a subtle sophisticated elegance and is deeply inspired by the neutral monochromy of the scandinavian style. It is probably located in an old, classic apartment building in a northern European capital. It has wooden floors, high ceilings, large windows and white walls with beautiful moldings. In it, there will definitely be..

Tanned leather sofa via mimou
Photo via mimou.

..a tanned leather sofa.

I have a thing for tanned leather lately (see my recent Houzz ideabook for that matter) so I just couldn't leave this spot out out my dream home. Love how this warm hue matches the black and white details, maybe I'd opt for another carpet.

Mid century armchair. Photo by Douglas Gibb via House to Home.
Photo by Douglas Gibb via House to Home.

..a mid century armchair.

Can't get classier than the slim wood frame-soft textile seating combination of the 50ies furniture. Love the soft grey hue on this one and the geometric black and white patterns on the textiles around it.

Mid century furniture and handmade chalkboard wall organizer. Photo by Petra Tiihonen via Kotivinkki.
Photo by Petra Tiihonen via Kotivinkki.

..more mid century furniture.

Like this cute vintage rounded cabinet. And some handmade projects on the wall. Creations made from you or friends, like this chalkboard wall organizer, add a personal note to the decor apart from being pretty and/or practical.

Scandinavian dining room. Photo by Charlotte Ryding for Alvhem via Blackbird.
Photo by Charlotte Ryding for Alvhem via Blackbird.

..a simple dining spot.

No need to invest on a pricey statement table when you can play with the accessories around it. The right set of chairs (in our case dark molded plywood ones), an impressive pendant and large art print on the wall can do the trick.

Marble kitchen countertop. Design by Hecker Guthrie and photo by Armelle Habib.
Design by Hecker Guthrie and photo by Armelle Habib.

..a marble kitchen island.

While this one is not typically an island I was head over heels for it. Love the thickness of the marble countertop, the stunning (and very practical) wall arm sconce, the slim black sinks and faucet and, guess, the tanned leather bar stools. Bliss^^

Wooden bed headboard. Design by LOFT Magdalena Adamus and photo by Tomirri.
Design by LOFT Magdalena Adamus and photo by Tomirri.

..a wooden headboard with matching nightstands.

This 60ies straight line unified headboard reminds me of the one my parents had in their bedroom. Love its sleek, de-cluttered look and how it actually looks slim and fit for a small space despite being one single piece. The sack printings on pillows and rug add a subtle industrial hue that fancies up the decor.

Wall hanging wood and white bathroom cabinet. Photo by Armelle Habib via Homelife
Photo by Armelle Habib via Homelife.

..a wall hanging cabinet in the bathroom.

This long cabinet got my attention for its wooden frame and white lacquered cabinet doors combination. Looks so fresh and sophisticated, and taking into consideration the ample storage space and the off the floor placement (hello easy cleaning), this vanity speaks directly into my heart.

Update: Shop for this style here.

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7 comments on "My home, my paradise #1 (style)"
  1. I love the calm and down-to-earth sophistication of this place. Black touches should (in my opinion) be in every interior, it really adds interest. I would just add some slightly more feminine and less geometric touches - but that's just me ;-)

  2. Minimalistic perfection! I think you would blend perfectly in this house!!!!
    I don't remenber if I wished ypu a HAPPY 2014! May 2014 bring you everything your heart wants & desires!!!

  3. Beautiful space, the tan leather sofa is gorgeous.

  4. That is really stylish, I love your work and the colour co-ordination is perfect

  5. nice! liked the idea behind this post, and the first home you put together is so dreamy!

  6. Where is the grey armchair from? I'm looking for one just like that!

    1. Hi Christine,
      I'm not sure where this one is from, but you will find similar ones at Room&Board.