Concrete Athens (coasters)

Monday, January 13, 2014
Concrete Athens map coasters by A Future Perfect
Concrete Athens map coasters by A Future Perfect

What happens when two creative yet unemployed young architects really, really want to build something out of concrete; and I mean, actually get their hands dirty with concrete and molds? An unexpected design product is born, my friends, and I'm very happy to introduce it to you.

The young greek architects Katerina Grigoropoulou and Evi Sougara, are the girls behind the A Future Perfect partnership and the concrete map coasters of Athens. They first launched as a participation product for the 'It’s all oh so souvenir to me' design exhibition in Greece in 2013 and now are proudly taking part in the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair in February 2014, selected by the Designboom team. 

The concept of the coasters is straight forward (like, hello, concrete and the city) and the actual product is a practical statement piece you can use at home or give away as a present. The girls' plans are inspiringly ambitious. The map now carved on the mold is from the city of Athens, where they live and work, but more cities are about to be implanted too. And then, moving away from the stark and stiff concrete, there are thoughts of using even more interesting materials, like chocolate (sweet edible map tiles- yes, please!).

The concrete map coasters is a crowd-funded project. That means that you too can become a sponsor of the girls and help them take their dream a step further (and to Stockholm for that matter). Depending on the amount of money you're willing to provide, there are happy tokens and gifts that you'll receive and also get the chance to meet Katerina and Evi in person, in Athens or at the Stockholm fair. You can see more info about it here. You can also get your own set online from Formika Design Store and various selected stores in Athens.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this project! Would you like to be a part of it?

Concrete Athens map coasters by A Future Perfect

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Photos by Katerina Grigoropoulou.

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