ETSY MIX: Cute handmade plush toys

Tuesday, December 3, 2013
Cute handmade plush toys and dolls via Etsy

I've always wanted to make a post full of cuteness. Everytime I'm on Etsy I come across so many sweeter than sweet creations that I squeak every single time. I've posted a few on facebook now and then but not quite felt it was a proper fit for a decor based blog like My Paradissi. Well, now I do have an excuse; holidays are coming friends! Some of these plush dolls are made for young children, some are meant for decorative purposes; in any case they are too adorable to miss and a gift that will put a smile on every face, even the grumpiest one ;) 

Shop this collection: 1.Stuffed handmade plush baby with cat doll (Baraqada, $37), 2.YLAiPi the eskimo bunny (Forestblue Factory, $96), 3.Hedgehog forest friend (Kitty April Handmade, $40), 4.Tan Jackalope soft sculpture (trepuntozero civette, $44.52), 5.Handmade personalised rag doll (Citizens Collectible, $29.50)

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8 comments on "ETSY MIX: Cute handmade plush toys"
  1. Third one is so cute, I think you have made puppet of Echidna... right?

  2. These are all so adorable! I absolutely adore the hedgehog. Thank you for sharing Eleni!

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