10 best: Rustic Christmas

Wednesday, December 4, 2013
Rustic holiday decor, country style christmas shopping collection

I'm apparently gravitating towards rustic decorations this year and this post and that one are here to prove it. Whenever I'm browsing the net for holiday beauties to share with you, I keep clicking/liking/pinning things to do with unrefined woods, leather textiles, knitted goodies, handmade winter supplies and such. Well, you can see what I'm talking about right in this post. A twigs wreath, a cowhide, pinecones and burlap are most welcome in my place these days. Now, if only my place were a small cozy cabin in the forest like this one ^^ What do you think? Would you pick a rustic decorative theme for this Christmas?

Shop this collection: 1.Padded star ornament (Toast, £8.50), 2.Emily Thompson Pear & Spruce wreath (Terrain, $268), 3.Faux pine tree (Crate & Barrel, $29.95+), 4.Cinnamon sticks tree decoration (John Lewis, £3), 5.Camel Lundy knit slippers (Plümo, $100.44), 6.Angel wings ornament (Plümo, $60.26), 7.Happy Holidays card by Rifle Paper Co. (Old Faithful Shop, $5.50), 8.Golden Christmas candle pinecone (Zara Home, £17.99), 9.Cowhide (Rug Centre Online, £280), 10.Suzani burlap pillow cover by The Watson Shop (Etsy, $46)

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4 comments on "10 best: Rustic Christmas"
  1. I will go with angel wings... These are my essentials during Christmas shopping.

  2. Oooh I can totally make those cinnamon stick things... and they're so pretty!


  3. oooo yes, yes! I definitely gravitate toward rustic decor. These are lovely finds. Those cinnamon stick bundles are too cute—I would love to see those hanging on my tree!

  4. Gorgeous! Really zen, I adore the candle. - Elba