ETSY MIX: Mint blues

Tuesday, November 5, 2013
Handmade homeware items in cool shades via #etsy. Find the links to these products on

Today's Etsy collection is here to add a fresh vibe to our space. Although wintery days are usually combined with warmer hues and cozy textures, I'm going all the other way this time. I'm not sure why, but I'm drawn to everything white, sleek and cool lately (see metallics, neon colors and bright spaces). It was obvious I'd come up with such a collection sooner or later. So, would you pick anything from this collection? The decorative golden pot looks too cute to miss!

Shop this collection: 1.Memphis 2 organic cotton cushion cover (Depeapa, $39), 2.Chevron hanging succulent planter (Redraven Studios, $46), 3.Ladle like spoon (Calyer Ceramics, $15), 4.Periwinkle and gold pot (Up In The Air Somewhere, $58), 5.Blue and white geometric print wood trivet (Hook n loop, $22).

P.s. You can catch up with my etsy finds here and see the whole collection of my etsy favorites here.

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4 comments on "ETSY MIX: Mint blues"
  1. Wow - I'm so smitten with that periwinkle and gold pot! And that hanging succulent planter is just what I'm looking for (I got another succulent, hopefully I don't kill it this time!) - I just favored all these shops on Etsy - thanks for a great list! xo

  2. These are so pretty!!
    The pottery is absolutely gorgeous, love the combination of those two colours. Great list and finds!

  3. I absolutely adore the geometric print trivet. Such great finds! You have an eye for finding beautiful things.

  4. Die Sachen sehen echt schön aus und die Farben sind absolut mein Geschmack :-)