ETSY MIX: Basic Christmas

Tuesday, November 26, 2013
Handmade etsy finds for christmas decoration and presents with a rustic vibe

I usually try to restrain myself from decorating my home for Christmas before December arrives. I feel that a month's time is more than enough to keep myself surrounded with cute and festive decorations before I get bored. Is it only me? The internet is already flooding with the Christmas spirit, but that I completely understand. One needs to order his ornaments and presents way before time to make sure they arrive at the right moment. That being said, I feel obligated (no; correct that to excited) to start the annual Christmas shopping suggestions on My Paradissi, for you, your family and friends and, of course, your home. So, today's etsy picks have a little bit of decoration and fun. Get your little reindeer help you with the tree decorations and don't forget to order tons of this amazing wrapping paper for your presents!

Shop this collection: 1.Felt reindeer antler headband (Fun Creations, $17.88), 2.Let it snow globe card (Lily & Val, $3.50), 3.Christmas felt ball garland (Mellsva, $15), 4.Joy chalkboard art print (Mooseberry Print Shop, $18), 5.Sequins on black gift wrap (Kate Zaremba Company, $11)

P.s. Tons of gift ideas can be found on my Etsy page as well!

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5 comments on "ETSY MIX: Basic Christmas"
  1. Love the dotted wrapping paper - simple yet beautiful! Fine selection as always, Eleni! P.S. We had our first snow today!!!

  2. Adore the sequin wrapping paper! So many great finds.

  3. I love the wrapping paper as well! Gorgeous!

    So fun to be teaming up with you for the coming giveaway. This should be really fun!

  4. I adore that wrapping paper! Not only is it perfect for winter, I think if there were any left over, it would work for just about any occasion. Lovely finds, Eleni!