DIY: Gold concrete ring bowl

Thursday, November 7, 2013
Gold concrete ring bowl diy tutorial by Namrata of Land of Nams

Since we're dearest fans of both concrete and gold around here, I know I have to share this tutorial with you. This simple yet stunning ring bowl is actually a really shallow vessel and could easily be called a petite round tray as well. Whatever the name, it is as simple to create as beautiful to decorate with. The idea and tutorial belongs to Namrata of Land of Nams and you can see it here.

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5 comments on "DIY: Gold concrete ring bowl"
  1. What a great idea :)

    PS I'm a new follower - ♥ your blog !

  2. Oh yes! i'm definitely a fan of those two!!

  3. Yes! I've been wanting to make something just like this for quite some time now to hold my small jewelry, so thank you!!

  4. This is really awesome and I am quite impressive the way it has been carved. This is going to be an inspiration to me as well.