Putting together the house of my dreams

Monday, October 14, 2013

Have you ever tried to put together a style board for your dream home? I mean, gather photos of rooms and interiors that got your attention and made you dream, put them all together side by side and figure out a scheme that unites them into a coherent pattern? I do that all the time. Well, it is my job to do so for others, but I just love doing that for myself too. The only thing is that I change my mind more than a lot when it comes to my dream place. So many option to choose from and an endless source of inspiration on my screen every single day. Thankfully, in a dream world, this is not a problem. Today's picks describe a clear, white home with neutral touches, a subtle rustic approach and a warm scandinavian take. Have a look after the jump and tell me what you think ^^.

White sleek scandinavianliving room ©Birgitta Drejer

Above: It is not only the neutral hues on the white canvas that got my attention in this living room. Not even the impressive ceiling ornament or the olive tree in the black pot. It actually is the overall scale and amount of the furniture in it. More precisely, the small coffee table, the sleek designer chairs, the small frames and surprisingly the lack of a rug  make the space breathe and give out a clean and tidy vibe.

Piano styling ©Smäm

Above: I don't play the piano (or any sort of musical instrument whatsoever) but I love the sophistication it brings to an interior. A room gets way more cozier when filled with the music of a live play and pianos are always a pleasant sound to hear. Apart from that, designwise, this piano in Sara's home is so beautifully styled!

Wide unrefined wooden floor planks ©Peter Kragballe

Above: I love this type of floor! Unrefined, unprocessed, wide wooden floor planks give a rustic charm even to a building apartment. The grayish hue blends beautifully with the white walls and the darker furniture.

Clear jar food storage ©Donna Griffith

Above: Displaying food in clear assorted jars is a great way to double up kitchen storage as decor. Rice, legumes, flour and sugar have all this off-white and beige hues that complement a neutral shaded kitchen.

Kitchen designed by Cameron MacNeil ©Michael Graydon

Above: Sleek marble and open shelving is combined with gilded vintage framed art and the result feels so smooth and balanced. I'm still not sure if I'd dare using open storage in my kitchen but this styling looks so good to leave out of today's picks.(image from an older post)

String bookcase in walnut

Above: I've been eyeing the String bookcases for so long now. So easy to adopt and adjust in any given space! Love the matte walnut finish in this one. 

Pile of books on nightstand

Above: Books, books, books. In the age of screens, the worn out smell of paper is so welcomed in my dream home. I always keep a small pile of books to read on my nightstand but, alas, I'm always to o sleepy to read in bed.

Bedroom screen via Stadshem

Above: This bedroom shot hit today's dream list because of its subtle off-white hues and the comforting lighting. It is fun to have a look at the whole house, however, and realize that the glass door is actually a screen that separates an open space plan and this bedroom is actually a part of the small living room.

White bathroom ©Daniella Witte

Above: Can't find enough good words to describe Daniella Witte's bathroom but I can tell you this photo stayed on my desktop many days now, just to look at it and dream away. The hues, the mosaic tiles, the built in narrow towel shelving, the spacious shower (with the cutest log stool) and the sleek cabinetry look like exactly how my dream bathroom should be.

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  1. Ωραίες επιλογές! Και πολύ ζεστές παρόλο το λευκό τους! Καλή εβδομάδα!

  2. Love the bathroom tiles

  3. i love all of it- especially the bathroom with floor to ceiling mosaic tiles!X

  4. It's always win white home with a natural color of wood.I like it.

  5. Love the bookcase!!!!