ETSY MIX: Rustic deli

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Rustic deli finds on #etsy

We're still waiting for cloudy weather to show up over here, just to get into the October mood, with the moist smell of the wet ground (is there such thing? I don't even remember) and the yellow leaves all around, the baked apple pies with tons of cinnamon and the warm cocoa drinks. Too hot for that for the time being. On another note, I was really impressed to come across the 3d printed beef cuts cookie cutter the other day (yes, simple yet smart products are my soft spot) so I decided to build today's Etsy mix around it. Did you know that Etsy is full of high quality handmade edible goodies? I'd love to try this honeyed citrus marmalade and the dark raw chocolate looks so pure and real to miss out. 

Shop this collection: 1.Honeyed citrus marmalade (Copper Pot & Wooden Spoon, $8.25), 2.Vintage European red enamel pot (86Home, $78), 3.Beef cuts cookie cutter (Printmeneer, $13.25), 4.Primitive country plate rack kitchen cupboard (Red Rooster B&B,  5.Plain Ecuadorian Arriba raw chocolate bar (Raw Chocolate by Ailey Mae, $5.75).

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1 comment on "ETSY MIX: Rustic deli"
  1. Really great Etsy finds, Eleni!! All of them totally remind me of Fall! I really love that red enamel pot - just what I need to make winter soups and mulled wine for the holidays :)