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Saturday, September 21, 2013
Masculine noir living room via The Socialite Family
Dark fall hues of Saint Crispin ©Mark Townsend

5 links to inspire
 Amazing collage of female portraits throughout the centuries.
 This simple yet cozy apartment (via Coco Lapine).
 This post has inspired me a lot lately (via elembee).
 So many real life tiny houses
 Would love a 5 minute diy (via Love from Ginger).

4 links to shop
 These handmade carved pots are amazing.
 This porthole mirror for a shabby coastal look.
 An adventurer's mug.
 Beautiful rustic console.

3 post from this week
 A must visit guest house (when in Australia..)
 What's on your nightstand?
 White bathroom tiles are a trend.

2 images for visual inspiration
  Top: The masculine noir atmosphere of this living room.
∾ Bottom: The dark fall hues of this photo shoot of Saint Crispin (photo by Mark Townsend)

1 post to remember
 This amazing beach house at St. Barth.

P.s. Some great news! The book I'm co-writing with a bunch of great other interior design bloggers under the umbrella of Callwey Publishing is now in the shop! Promise I'll be more specific about it in a detailed post this coming week!

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  1. Loving that Tiny House website! :)
    And can't wait to hear more about yout book!