Wednesday, September 4, 2013
Patterned tiles in bathroom styled by Lo Bjurulf

I just wowed when I saw this image and I'm pretty sure you did the same. Using patterned tiles all over the bathroom is definitely a bold decision to make. But pays off pretty well when you get such result, don't you agree? 

P.s. More bathroom tiles and a similar tile pattern in a kitchen.

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4 comments on "The BATHROOM"
  1. Seriously Wow!! I keep trying to imagine actually walking into that bathroom and being overcome with the patterns - so amazing! What also gets me is those sink faucets!

  2. εντυπωσιακο, αλλα οχι για εμενα, ζαλιστηκα μονο απο τη φωτο, φαντασου να μπω μεσα... :-)