DIY: Wooden chair makeover

Friday, September 13, 2013
How to update an old wooden chair with fabric scraps. DIY tutorial by Sincerely, Kinsey #diy #tutorial

I was smitten by the cuteness of this project I came across lately. I mean, how sweet is this multi colored fabric scrap woven chair seat? Using your old t-shirt shrugs to update a distressed old chair can be a fun and creative project and actually a lot easier that it looks. I'm not sure whether you can sit on it in the end but definitely worth the trouble to be used as a decorative piece or side table. Hop over to Sincerely, Kinsey's blog to see the how to.

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4 comments on "DIY: Wooden chair makeover"
  1. How smart! And it makes for a lovely, colorful home piece! I love it - next time I find myself with an abandoned old chair frame... Have a great weekend, Eleni!

  2. hi Eleni!! Thank you for the link!!
    many kisses!!1

    Elli | Studio34eblog