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Saturday, August 24, 2013
The house of Agnes, photographed by Sofia Byström.
Turquoise kitchen cabinetry. Photo by Sharyn Cairns via homelife  #turquoise #kitchen

5 links to inspire
 This home renovation is just wow.
 Stop planning. Start doing.
 If the world were a village of 100 people.
 Kinfolk events always look so beautiful.
 Moroccan and scandinavian design work so well together!

4 links to shop
 This wall task lamp.
 Go back to school with this desk.
 This sign for my kitchen.
 Want everything from this list.

3 post from this week
 Eclectic bohemian style in this South African home.
 Get inspired by this fresh contemporary bedroom.
 Add art on your walls.

2 images for visual inspiration
  Top: The house of Agnes, photographed by Sofia Byström.
∾ Bottom: The turquoise cabinetry of this kitchen (photo by Sharyn Cairns)

1 post to remember
 Peaceful Casa La Siesta boutique hotel in rural south Spain.

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