DIY: Sharpie wallpaper

Thursday, August 22, 2013
How to make a sharpie wallpaper tutorial by @vintagerevivals #diy #tutorial

There is always a wallpaper or a decal that you can use to decorate your wall. Then, there is a more creative way to put your own unique style on it by grabbing a paintbrush or a sharpie and do your own thing. You don't need more than a great idea to start (and I guess some patience too). Take this wall for example. Mandi of Vintage Revivals did a simple geometrical pattern with a golden sharpie. The result is pretty wow, don't you agree? Simple, straight forward and with a hint of glamour (blame the golden hue for that). Looks so easy that gets my hands itchy to try it out. Would you give it a go too? See the how to here.

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2 comments on "DIY: Sharpie wallpaper"
  1. Wow, fantastic!! This is such a cool DIY project /Niki

  2. This is such a cool DIY project! I once saw graph wallpaper that was really fun. Graphic wallpaper designs are the best, I think.