Thursday, May 9, 2013
household goods store

It's been a while since I spend hours browsing through an online store without being able to close the window. So, I knew I had to share my new finding with you, my friends. Urbanara is a UK based online store that is crammed with houseware beauties, from bedding and bath accessories to tableware and lighting. The thing is that drew my attention more than anything is the price of these products; unexpectedly affordable to match the tight economical season we're going through.

household goods store

I really had a trouble narrowing down my choices and, with a chance to mislead you, I had a neutral palette in mind when creating this moodboard. Urbanara has many vibrant and happy colors in their products as well as neutral and desaturated ones. I'd love to use this board as an inspiration for a summer patio, with the amazing hammock chair and the braided rug underneath, use the pendant lamp to create atmospheric shadows on the wall. I'd serve some tea on the tray and cuddle up with the soft blanket to protect myself from those late afternoon spring chills.

household goods store

household goods store

*Urbanara ships in the UK, Germany and Austria but they are glad to help you out buying and receiving their products wherever you might live, you just have to send them an email.

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Images via Urbanara.
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