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Saturday, April 6, 2013
Outdoor lounging
Indian bedroom decoration

Hello my friends, how are you?
Weekend is finally here, with an annoyingly strong south wind and a temperature that reminds more of summer than it does spring. I can't say that I mind, cause I'm spending these days in, catching up with my todos and relaxing a bit. This week has been pretty hectic and strong at the same time. Things you take for granted collapse under your feet in a matter of seconds while new adventures prove that live is a never ending carousel with a great sense of imagination. Maybe, I should just step in and stop being nervous and rigid and simply enjoy the ride as is.
You know, one doesn't need many things to be happy, taken care of the basic necessities, there are a handful of situations that can bring this internal balance and serenity that lead to contentment. Being close to the nature, with a few beloved friends, feeling the air on the skin, the sunset hues coloring the surroundings and the mind fully absorbing the present; no past no future. No  worries, no todos. Just in harmony with the energy around us.
Hmm, enough mumbling for the day. I'm leaving you daydreaming of lounging on the daybed in the first shot. Enjoy the weekend, my loves! xoxo

14 ways to be awesome.

Amazing girl portraits of another era (via). 

I want this clip lamp.

This is a clever diy.

These objects are not as it seems.

Nina's terrace looks so inviting.

So in love with this coffee table.

This yellow moodboard is so fresh!

Decorate with a world map.

Dream Santorini home- Cycladic architecture at its best.

Around Crete: Chania- Shots of the old port on last week's trip to the city.

Botanical bliss- Ethereal gardening in a jar.

Coffee table styling- Taking Justina's classes and doing some styling at home.

Serene- Peaceful shots of indoors and outdoors.

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2 comments on "Weekend inspiration"
  1. Hi eleni,you are so right,the south winds are making my head explode,but i try to stay calm!!!
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. We're craving warmer weather in the south of England....absolutely LOVE the second photo...I could curl up nicely and read a book...or just escape and dream! Happy Sunday! Sharon