Peg and awl

Tuesday, April 9, 2013
Handmade items
Handmade items

Margaux and Walter lead an eco-conscious life along with their sons and chickens in Philadelphia. They create household items, curios and wearables out of old, used and reclaimed items they find at their place or even at the neighbor's. Their products have a deep natural feeling, a down to earth approach that makes them both practical and totally desirable at the same time. I can't say that I wasn't really intrigued by these guys and their whole life approach, and, of course, their etsy shop, Peg and Awl.

Trio of Chalkboard Tablets ($65)
The Marlowe Lunchbag ($44)
Tree Swing Made of reclaimed wood ($200)
Reclaimed Wood Tub Caddy ($130)
Reclaimed Wood Desk Organizer ($68)

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3 comments on "Peg and awl"
  1. What a gorgeous items! Love the lunchbag.

  2. My brother is a carpenter, my husband an electrician and they have had many projects over the years. I think changing the term of "scrap wood" to "reclaimed wood" is absolute marketing genius. I wonder if it will have the same effect on items I make from scrap fabric and outworn clothes.