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Saturday, March 23, 2013
holiday rental home
holiday rental home

Hello loves, how are you?
Spring is all over the place here and I'm finally coming to terms with my not having an outdoor space to decorate and spend time by adding a few plants on my window sills. That way I trick myself that I'm surrounded by nature plus, when they grow a bit more, they'll hide the ugly street view and absorb some of the carbon from the cars on the street. I can't wait for my bougainvillea to bloom and my basil to be big enough to smell all over the place. Promise, I'll share some photos soon.
On another note, we're having a three day weekend here in Greece (second in a row, hooray!) as we celebrate the Greek War of Independence against the Ottomans on the 25th of March. That said, it would be such a great opportunity to spent these sunny days on an Aegean island, in a villa like the above, enjoying the warm weather with long strolls by the beach and absorbing the fresh salty breeze and the invigorating smell of the blooms.
Hope you're having a great weekend, my friends! xoxo

Ready for some spring gardening? Then you might need these.

blue stool for my dream garden.

Cutest bunny topiary.

Perfect bowl for a modern rustic kitchen.

Amazing cave hotel in Italy.

So love this salvaged side table.

Radiohead and Ancient Minoan Civilization (via)

The happiest chic bed set ever.

Oh, that morning light.

Clean Monday antiquities- Celebrating in the Cretan countryside.

Serene bedrooms- Can't say no to neither one of them.

10 best: Happy pastels- Decorate with these cuties.

Just make it work: Kitchen- A small eclectic kitchen and how to make it your own.

Rustic love- Interiors with a country flair.

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6 comments on "Weekend inspiration"
  1. What beautiful images- perfect for weekend relaxation. Happy to be your newest follower!!

    1. Hi designchic! Welcome to My Paradissi! Glad to have you around!

  2. Love its peaceful ambiance. Totally worth the spend over the weekend.

  3. Πανεμορφη η σκαλα και το κουδουνακι στην ελια ειναι το κατι αλλο !!!!

    1. Καλά, που το είδες?! Έχει την πλάκα του =)

  4. Lucky you. Here is no spring in the air, we have -6 degrees at the moment and I have still to wait for decorating my tiny balcony.
    Enjoy the warm weather and thank you for the fab daily inspiration!