Industrial chic

Monday, November 26, 2012
I love this unorthodox take on this 18th century farmhouse in France, renovated 15 years ago by Sophie Cirotteau-Dairaine. Industrial style mixed with shabby chic and french countryside elegance in a inspiringly successful result, full of space curiosities and cozy nooks.

I won't even start to mention the countless flea market finds that are hosted in this house. I will, however, pick out the amazing file drawers, the metallic lockers, the drawing table (I've always wanted one of these- autocad is not that beautiful no matter what) and the reclaimed pallets bed. And check the bathroom; the one place in this house that yells I'm french!

What do you think of this farmhouse? What's your favorite spot in it?

P.s. If you are an industrial chic fan, then you should have a look at this pinterest board.

Images by Charly Erwin via maison&deco.
9 comments on "Industrial chic"
  1. kalimera :)
    This style is my absolute favorite and I'm trying to incorporate it in my house - one step at a time!
    And it's not at all that difficult or expensive to put together actually.

  2. I love it too for exactly these reasons! Plus you can personalize it as much as you want!
    Kalimeres =)

  3. Me encanta la cocina...esta si que es personal.

  4. I love that zinc unit in the top shot. My living room has a soft industrial touch to it and it's one of my fave rooms!

  5. Favorite style, I 'm trying to take the tv room towards this. I 'd love to have some of the furniture I see on the pictures.

  6. I love this. I think I should look into auctions at military bases nearby.

    1. Nice idea Belinda! I'm sure there'll be lots of hidden unwanted military treasures!