Inspire the weekend

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oh, the weekend is here after all! After a two week no-weekend pause working session, I feel it's time to have a break. The weatherman speaks of clouds and raindrops and that makes me anticipating of long, lazy moments on the sofa, crocheting those long-awaited socks and watching a movie or two. 
What are your plans for the weekend dears? Wish you a beautiful one, one way or another! xoxo

Here are a few links from around the www to keep you inspired

A few favorite posts of the week that went by

.. and, a year ago in My Paradissi

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6 comments on "Inspire the weekend"
  1. so gorgeous! I love the year ago post...must do that myself. oxox

  2. Happy and relaxing weekend for you too!! Regards from Madrid ^^ Pd: It´s the 1ยบ time I write to yoU but I am following your site for a long time. Thanks for the wonderful job done ;)

  3. Hi Milagros O!
    It's nice to meet you =)
    Thank you so much for following this little paradise!

  4. super!!and a hot coffee please and let in here for days!!!
    happy weekend eleni!

  5. Can't wait to check out these links, enjoy your weekend!

  6. Thanks for putting this post together. Very helpful for reader like me.