Elia White Residence in Mykonos

Monday, September 3, 2012

I fell head over heels for this summer house in Mykonos and I'm sure most of you, my beloved readers, feel exactly the same way. It is the sleek off-white stucco that covers the entire place, from floor to ceiling to all the built-in furniture that first got my heart. But, then the simplicity of the decoration, the natural hues brilliantly interrupted by bold reds and oranges and the stark Aegean surrounding that one can't ignore, got my mind as well. And, the fireplace in the main room makes the place totally inviting even in the cold months of the winter (who said the Cyclades are a summer indulgence only?)
So, are you coming with me for a fall weekend getaway?

P.s. This is one of my favorite Aegean hotels.

Images via med-villas.

8 comments on "Elia White Residence in Mykonos"
  1. Wow! So gorgeous!
    When can I move in? :)

  2. Φοβερο... με φανταζομαι ξαπλωμενη στην πισινα!

  3. Of course, I love the red SMEG but also the wooden banister.

  4. Pame Mykono!! I feel the urge to go on holiday now!

  5. Just beautiful!! Simple, comfortable and stylish spells a fabulous relaxing vacation!

  6. Me encanta esta vivienda! es sencillamente preciosa, un placer para los sentidos