A New England house

Monday, September 10, 2012

I might be repeating myself but it's so hard to resist a calm place on a Monday morning. Especially one that radiates this particular granny serenity I felt during my childhood, while staying over at my grandma's house at my summer vacation. Do you know this feeling I'm talking about?
Everything in this house looks tidy, soft and at ease; the florals, the patina furniture, the rattan baskets filled with yarns or logs, the crisp white linens and the modern touches here and there (like the frames composition over the couch and the kitchen cabinets) that bring the place to its contemporary days. 
I'm picturing myself working on that desk at the second photo and getting some motivation to start off the new week! Wish the same to you my friends! xoxo

Images via Foster House.
7 comments on "A New England house "
  1. amazing!the fireplace and the bedroom is my favourite!

  2. Eleni, you won't believe it but I have literally just finished saving a post on this exact same house! I love it! What a co-incidence. Hope you get going with your work!xx

  3. Hehe! Amazing ;)
    It's an eye candy one can't miss!!!
    Hope you're having a great time Lana, xoxo

  4. Beautiful home!
    I love the wall with all the white frames.

  5. I could never imagined a stove (if I am correct) would look so good in a living room. I dare to say it looks cuter than a classic fireplace. Of course they have made a rad job on the place they put it in. Reminds me of good old days in my grand grandmothers house, staying by the fireplace, something cooking on the casserole and her boosting the fire. Oh my! Ironically you value some things 20 years later, while you have nothing of that left...


  6. Oh, I love stoves in the house Lisa and I find them to be a great alternative to fireplaces!
    And, yes, 20 years after there are so many things to reconsider! xoxo