White House Villa, Santorini

Friday, August 3, 2012

August in Greece means blue, white, strong winds and sun; vacation and Aegean islands. So, excuse my repetition, but I have one more cute little villa in Santorini to show you. 
I need to spend a few hours soaking in the shaded jacuzzi, just gazing at the breathtaking view of the White House Villa. And, wake up after a long, midday siesta in the all white crisp cave bedroom. These kind of villas are such a treat for a bunch of close friends to spend some days all together having fun! 
Now, where did I put my credit card (hmm..)

P.s I'm still in love with this impressive hotel in Naxos and, of course, yet another sweet small gem in Santorini.

Images via edeliving.
8 comments on "White House Villa, Santorini"
  1. All I need to see is the word Santorini in a post title and I'm sold!

  2. Ε να εδω είναι που λες τα λευτά φέρνουν την ευτυχία...!!ΥΠΈΡΟΧΗ απλα!καλό σ/κ!

  3. Χαχαα, άσε Έλλη και την πατήσαμε!!!

  4. Oh this is cruel! So beautiful - thank you for sharing. F x