Summer house by the sea

Friday, August 24, 2012

I'm still not over abodes that smell of salty breeze and hot shady afternoons (although August is coming into an end soon and I kind of miss a cool cloudy sky). So, with the weekend just around the corner, I'm visually flying over to South Africa and this chill spot, with the rough woods and the ample use of straws, the whites and the concretes, and the breathtaking view of the ocean.
The plan is as follows; swim at the ocean, shower right outside the house to get rid of all the sand and have a big slice of cool watermelon at the dining table under the pergola right after! Coming with me?

P.s. Love this house by the sea as well!

Images via marie claire maison.
3 comments on "Summer house by the sea"
  1. Where exactly is this house? Gorgeous!

  2. It is located in the village of Paternoster, two hours from Cape Town in South Africa.

  3. That view from inside out in the third picture is just priceless. You always find breathtaking places Eleni.