My week off

Monday, August 20, 2012

Here's a glimpse to the week that went by a bit too quickly (my vacation week, to be specific) as I promised. 
It consisted of mainly two things; a short but deeply enjoyed visit at my father's village down south and some reckless days by the sea, on this exact hammock. The first three photos are from our house in the village, which I can only describe as my ideal place to live (if only it was a bit closer to the city), the next two I took during my afternoon stroll at the village, whereas the sea/shore snapshots are from Rodakino beach, a wild (at heart) yet pure and powerful spot in southern Rethymno. 
These places I tend to visit more and more often as years pass by, as I find them to be totally comforting and relaxing. Having nothing to do but enjoy the scenery, swim, read, knit and drink refreshing beers at the tavern is actually the best way to recharge my batteries for, what it seems, a troubling year ahead!
Oh, I'm soon to post a few shots I took from Paradissi as well =)

P.s. Some of my Cretan adventures here and there

Images by me.

8 comments on "My week off"
  1. Beautiful photography, Eleni!! And it is so funny to see that we both captured pegs on our holiday pics:-) LOL Filakia!

  2. I've spent my holidays in the Southeast of Spain and I found it very similar to some little villages in the South of Greece: amazing!

  3. I love how you and Igor both shot pegs on your holiday snaps. Love your shots, Eleni, beautiful colours! :)

  4. Glorious photos Eleni - can ONLY be Crete - I love the first - I am in love with the blue table - if only I could get them here!. Have a lovely day. F x

  5. Thanks for the wonderful glimpse of your week off, it looks like a beautiful place and now I'm waiting eagerly for the Paradissi post ;-)

    Good to have you back!

  6. Oh, amazing photos as always. Rethymno is one of our dearest vacation memories even if it's more than 10 years we were there...

  7. It sounds lovely Eleni! More pics please :)