August blog break

Friday, August 10, 2012

It's time for my summer break, hooray!
Honestly, it is the most difficult thing to try and concentrate on your work in mid August here in Greece. With the extreme temperatures, the festivals and celebrations taking place all around and everybody being on a pause from their job, it is the official think less - enjoy more month of the year. 
I'm taking a week off from todos, computer screens and deadlines and heading to my actual Paradissi (can't wait!) and to some more seashores down south. Hopefully, I'll have some time free (from my free time) to say hi, but even if I don't, I'm not leaving you unattended, my loves. I'm having my August bliss series for the next days to keep you company and bring you some summer essence inspiration at your door!
So, enjoy and see you around soon! xoxo

6 comments on "August blog break"
  1. Να περασεις όμορφα και να επιστρεψεις γεμάτη εμπνεύσεις!

  2. Thanks decofairy! Μετράω τις ώρες να φύγω ;)

  3. Καλές διακοπές Ελένη να περάσεις τέλεια και κάνε πολλές βουτιές και μακροβούτια!!(περιμένουμε φωτογραφίες ~ ξερεις αυτές τις υπέροχες φώτο με κινητό!!!)
    Φιλιά πολλά!

  4. Have fun Eleni! Enjoy your vacation!

  5. Enjoy your break Eleni ;-)

  6. Good for you girl, enjoy it! Look forward to hearing about your break when you return!x