A blissful celebration

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Celebrating my birthday has been such a treat this year! 
I decided to present myself with a careless day away from the office and explore some Cretan beauties with my man. We started by spending a few good hours by the beach under the umbrella, in the clear, calm sea of Malia, snorkeling and taking pictures. 
Then, headed up into the mountains to village of Krasi to have a delicious lunch under the ancient plane tree (it is said that it is more than 1000 years old! Imagine the energy underneath..). Straight after that, we had a revitalizing greek coffee and kataifi with ice cream as a dessert. It was so soothing to spend hours in the shady square of Krasi, quite a contradiction to the hot, burning sand of the beach!
We left the place as soon as the sun started to lower on the sky. Heading back to Heraklion meant driving towards west and that guaranties an amazing view of a setting sun, if you get the time right. Well, we got the time just perfect and on the way home we stopped at the side of the road, right over the sea, to relish the sun diving behind the mountains, the pinky orange hues and the cool afternoon breeze. Boy, it was really awesome!
Actually, the whole day has been a bliss. Recharged batteries, got a bit more tanned, added a few extra calories in my body and a great smile on my face. Mission accomplished ;)

Images by me. You can see more here.

11 comments on "A blissful celebration"
  1. You live in a devine island ..this is for sure!!
    Take a look!!


  2. Wow, that's a wonderful birthday!

  3. What a fantastic way to spend your birthday...couldn't be better!

    Best wishes xoxo

  4. Δεν θα γίνω κουραστική λέγοντας ΠΑΛΙ πόσο ΤΕΛΕΙΕΣ είναι οι φώτο!!ΧΡΟΝΙΑ ΣΟΥ ΠΟΛΛΑΑΑ!
    ΥΠΈΡΟΧΕΣ!!(δεν αντεξα!)

  5. Happy Birthday, Eleni! What a paradise you live in. Beautiful!

  6. Happy birthday, Eleni! :)
    A bit of bliss came to me through your words...

  7. Now THIS is what I call celebrating a birthday in style! Love your shots of the blue lifeguard stand and the string of lights!

  8. Sounds like the perfect day. Belated birthday wishes. I have fond memories of that beach at Malia. Gorgeous picture of the sunset. Ah. . .

  9. Despite clicking away madly on your camera with your awesome photography skills, I do hope you truly enjoyed your birthday. Well, it was pretty obvious you did. Just wanted to say that myself. Lovely, lovely photos right there.

  10. Thank you all for your kind words and your wishes! We did have a great day indeed- and yes, Lisa, as you point out, we had such a good time I only shot a fraction of what was going on (and mostly enjoyed the moments!!)

  11. That sounds like an amazing way to celebrate! Glad you enjoyed!