Kitchen dream

Friday, June 8, 2012

I was inspired by Jacquelyn the other day and got myself into my tiny kitchen to do some gnocchi. They turned out really delicious (you know everything is fine when your man, on the other side of the table, empties his dish pronto) but I believe that they would have be even better if I had a bigger, brighter kitchen with ample countertop space to roll them up. I was covered in flour and couldn't get the dough off my hands by no means (so sticky that damn thing!) and I was continuously visualizing of my dream kitchen. Something like the above ones. *sigh*

Image credits:
1.planete deco, 2.Lincoln Barbour, 3.Gonzalo Machado via here
4 comments on "Kitchen dream"
  1. The first kitchen is too cute with its polka plates and the Ponyo print!

  2. But it's more like a village or a holiday house kitchen, don't you think? It wouldn't suit a modern house.