Finding Paradise: Elembee, Etc

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm glad to introduce you to Lisa of Elembee, Etc and her amazing ways of putting together blissful things and ideas, only to make us feel tempted and driven away. So, you can only tell how cool her paradise looks like..

To Lisa, Paradise

feels like: freshly washed sheets, sand between your toes as the ocean washes over your feet

looks like: the colors of the sunset as the storm clouds clear

smells like: freshly baked cookies, a crackling fire

tastes like: dinner and drinks with friends, a creamy creme brûlée with the crunch of burnt sugar

sounds like: steady rain on a lazy Saturday morning

Thanks Lisa, once again you have made us dream!

P.s You can find more paradises here:

3 comments on "Finding Paradise: Elembee, Etc"
  1. Totally love the photo's and the descriptions...mmm creme brûlée and freshly washed sheets!

  2. Thank you so much for having me! Such a wonderful series.

  3. 'steady rain on a lazy Saturday morning' - YES! :) Great list, Lisa.