Bathroom tile lust

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Love these bathrooms. Actually, I love the tiles in them. Each, single one, for their unique attitude and their exquisite style. Don't you agree? Plus, tiles get to be a lot more waterproof than wallpapers ;)

P.s The NOVICA giveaway is over and wizardewu is the lucky winner!

Image credits:
1.Garden&Gun, 2.Tom McWilliam, 3.Prue Ruscoe
8 comments on "Bathroom tile lust"
  1. These tiles are real winners! I really like the first pic with the combo of tiles and navy bath tub. Superb!

  2. Εκπληκτική μπανιέρα!

  3. I'm with Igor, that first bathroom and the tiles and bath combo is doing it for me big time!

  4. Inspiring post. The last bathroom is my favourite, the tiles look like beautiful fish scales

  5. This collection of the bathroom is fantastic. thanks!!


  6. Thanks for posting! These tiles really add flair to each of these bathrooms. We love the cool color combinations and comfortable feel these tiles bring.