Hello, I'm an architect

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I couldn't stop laughing while reading (architect) Jody's idea of getting around parties and breaking the ice. Perhaps you lonely/introvert/complicated architects/designers all over the globe might get a grip (I did!).

Image via An architect's calling card at Houzz. Original image by JellesS.
3 comments on "Hello, I'm an architect"
  1. I´m not an architect but I know the song! Good sense of humour is always pretty helpful. Thanks for brighten my day.

  2. My favorite is: "I don't design houses. They design me."

    Are we getting close to home?

  3. Très juste, cette réflexion ! Même en France, il y a un fossé entre ce que l'on prescrit et ce que l'on peut se payer ! Quel beau métier d'architecte !