Sunday bliss

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter to the western world (we still have a week to go!) How were your celebrations? I guess having fun and a lot of meat and sweets is something that goes on all around the globe these days, right? I'd love to know your Easter customs!
We took advantage of the amazing sunshine today and went on a long car ride, visited some old villages in the middle of nowhere and an amazing deep and dark cave full of impressive flowstones! It was such a bliss and I feel happily exhausted now.
See you tomorrow with lots more inspiration! xoxo 

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5 comments on "Sunday bliss"
  1. Happy Easter to you! My Canadian family does a ham dinner, (turkey dinner yesterday), an easter egg hunt, church, and celebrating!

  2. Glad to know Kristen! Same on the ham dinner over here (and of course church and celebrations!) That easter egg hunt sound really fun!

  3. Still a week to go for me too - we are celebrating Easter next week! Love these impressions!

  4. Thank you, Eleni. To you too when you celebrate! We keep it simple with dying eggs and a little hunt for them (and chocolate of course!)... quiet, happy family time. Beautiful photos today! Thanks for sharing them.