Purple hurricane

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I feel quite tempted by the purple palettes, as is quite obvious from the above. These hues are masters in creating a mysteriously attractive atmosphere, flirting with romance, shabby and country all in once. I would love to spend a night at this purple bedroom in Darling Lodge near Cape Town, as much as I would fill my living room with blue and lilac peonies (preferably on one of these extra amazing rustic tables) and hang this masterpiece by Liza Sylvestre on my wall (this art piece is named "I worry that I will grow tired because I want to hold things and name them"- pretty cool, right?)

Image credits:
1.Darling Lodge, 2.Stacy Bass, 3.casa abril, 4.Lisa Sylvestre
2 comments on "Purple hurricane"
  1. I love this posting, thank you for the purples! And comments work for me now!! :)