Jug love

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter celebrations can't go without wine; this jug seems just perfect to host some homemade vines juice!
How is your Easter holidays going on so far? We celebrate Easter a week later here but we're already into the mood ;)

Milo jug form Lsa International (£40.00).

4 comments on "Jug love"
  1. La jarra me parece perfecta para un buen vino...
    Me gusta mucho tu blog y te seguiré.
    Te invito al mio, dedicado a la Decoración en la cocina....http://kansei-estudiodecocinas.blogspot.com

  2. Love - I have almost the same jug which I bought at Le Souk. So nice!! Kalo sabbatokyriako Eleni!!

  3. Gorgeous, colorfull, perfect!
    I hope you enjoy a beautiful Easter weekend with your nearest and dearest!
    Big hugs!