Green stuff

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I was thrilled to stumble upon the above living room this morning. It has to be the soft light, I thought, but then I realized it was something else I was smitten about; the perfect green light that came through the windows had subconsciously stolen my heart. I can't tell what the actual view is but I'm fine already with all this ivy surrounding the windows and the trees right outside that create the most serene and peaceful ambience in the inside. This is the living room I could spend my mornings and my long working hours in, thereby I declare it to be my fave living room of the day!
Well, I could add a few things to make it even better (apart from my lovely mac), like a hanging terrarium or this evergreen print by Laura Plageman.

Image credits:, 2.terrarium,
4 comments on "Green stuff"
  1. Τέλεια η πρωτη φωτό! Φαντάζομαι τον εαυτό μου να ρηλαξάρω στον καναπέ με καλή παρέα και κρασάκι!

  2. I love how the natural light streams into the top space. The blue rug is fab too!

  3. The use of all that leggy furniture also keeps the room very airy. Even the coffee table is completely open.

  4. @Peggy: So right Peggy! There is indeed a feeling of spaciousness in this room
    @Will: Glad you mentioned the rug! I love it too!
    @Olga: Perimene! Erxomai ki egw!