Finding Paradise: French by design

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm really glad to introduce you to a new guest post series that is launching at My Paradissi, called Finding Paradise. A bunch of great and beloved fellow bloggers will round up a, sort of, description of what an earthly paradise means to them. I'm so eager to find out, aren't you?

First one to share with us her view is sweet Si of French by design.

According to Si, Paradise

feels like: your skin after a hot bubble bath or a sunbathing afternoon

looks like: turquoise blue waters and white beach sand

smells like: orange blossoms or honeysuckle

tastes like: caramel or red berry popsicle, or both!

sounds like: summer cicadas in Provence, or the sound of ocean waves crushing against the beach sand

Thanks Si! You have indeed an amazing idea of the heavenly wellbeing (you're so into my mind, girl)!

Image credits:
1. Jordi Canosa, 2.Francesco Lagnese, 3.Nicolas Matheus, 4.Côté Sud

9 comments on "Finding Paradise: French by design"
  1. Nice to see my friend Si over here...and those pics are just perfectly "dreamable". thanks for this idea Eleni

  2. @Si- We definitely should! Thanks again, Si =)
    @Lau- Glad you like it, Lau!

  3. Great description of a paradise. Totally up my alley too!!

  4. I love this! That sounds like paradise to me...

  5. The hammock over the gorgeous water - Paradise Found!

    Enjoy your weekend away!

  6. that is so my idea of paradise!

  7. This post wanna make me buy a ticket to my birth country the Philippines directly. That's my paradise! Sadly I have to wait until Christmas to be there with my family. Great dreaming now. :)

  8. Hi Si, hi Eleni - I go paradise with you two, how nice and funny an idea!

  9. @Amina O. und ^^ Paul the Cat: Welcome to join anytime girl!
    @Silk and Whiskey: Time flies- you shouldn't worry about that! I bet you live in a very beautiful country, right?