The everydays

Monday, April 30, 2012

Starting this new week with some down-to-earth indoors inspiration, the one that becomes classic for being always present and eager to be used and manipulated, easy to maintain and live in. Effortless design, that is, cause Mondays sometimes are a tricky day to start off (despite the tons of coffee..).
Enjoy the new week, friends! xoxo

P.s. I could be living in this easy-going house today, or pick one of these living rooms to have my third coffee in..

Image credits:
1.Simon Whitmorevia house to home, 2.Anna Kern, 3.Teri Lyn Fisher, 4.Hallie Burton, 5.Jonny Valiant, 6.Sally Campbell's house via the design files
5 comments on "The everydays"
  1. lovely living room- the one with the blue rug-
    have a nice week too Eleni! especially now that it is like summer. Crete must be very beautiful right now!

  2. the last pic of the dining space looks so light and inviting great to have a coffee around!! Adore that blue rug as well although it is all fabulous and agree about Monday
    Carla x

  3. @ Carla: Agree with the rug too! Thankfully, Mondays gets better as time passes..
    @Niki: Crete is a bliss right now! Too tempting to stay indoors!

  4. I loved looking at Sally Campbell's site! I hoped to see the tablecloth used in picture 6 listed in her shop - but did not. I'm assuming that it's one of her designs?????

  5. Good question Tracy! It probably is one of her creations that obviously isn't for sale any more. You should email her and ask about that! I'm in love with her works as well..