..the day begins..

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shane Hansen draws this bird and says
the birds call
the day begins
and I am alive 
(Maori proverb)

I agree and would love to see this print in real life (the drops are from shimmer ink).

I've found Shane Hansen and his beautiful works via Jackie Magpie.
4 comments on "..the day begins.."
  1. lOVED the drawing!!! Have a nice day, I liked your new photo, so nice!!!!

  2. Wow I look at your blog every morning here in New Zealand. I love it. This morning made me realise how small our world is Maori art featured. Thank you for making my day.


  3. It's a small world indeed, Carolyn! And you live in a beautiful place I would love to visit some day!
    Thank you for being around =)

  4. Beautiful Eleni - where did you find this treasure?