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Friday, February 17, 2012

I've just finished a deep, extra intense house cleaning (yeap, the one that has to be done from time to time, how fun..) and I'm totally exhausted! I did some furniture rearrangements as well, to let the energy flow better around the rooms (actually, I was bored of the old one). Now my house looks like the ones above (I'd wish), well, sort of.. but it's clear now that I'm in need of some accessories to beautify it a bit like some art on the walls, some plans (that I will NOT kill this time) and a big dining table. Oh, and a comfy armchair to spend my afternoons on. And some extra pillows perhaps. I'd better start some DIY over here cause I don't think this economical crisis we're on is the best background for money spending (sad). Off, to get some rest now, xoxo!

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5 comments on "A space to inspire"
  1. I love the feeling after a deep clean! So refreshing and energising! Have a lovely weekend, E!

  2. entyposiako to bazo me ta fylla !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I really like your blog:)Great pics and so much inspiration...I wish you a lovely weekend.
    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis

  4. Μ αρεοσουν και οι δυο τραπεζαριες...

    Καλη αναπαυλα μετα το σκουπισμα.

  5. I love the results of that kind of house cleaning (not the process really! but it always feels good to have it done). These pictures are great inspiration - I love these light-filled happy rooms.