Honey kitchen love

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A warm, woodsy kitchen is always appealing to me. Perhaps, this is because it reminds me of old bakeries or even old cottage houses filled with that whimsical smell of fresh bread being baked in the oven. So it's like synesthesia- love the smell, love the look. 

Whatever the reason, I had no difficulty summoning up a few images of inspiring kitchens. What do you think of these country style open shelving with the white dinnerware and the rattan basket all neatly displayed? Or the rattan lot right beneath, covering baskets and chairs, complementing the  bare straw roof? And the stone/concrete built in elements contrasting with the raw wood cabinets for a more sleek result (isn't that black concrete island amazing?) and that impressive marble countertop and splashback in the last photo. 

Which one is your fave? 

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4 comments on "Honey kitchen love"
  1. Kitchen #2 is my favorite - with its high ceilings and clean lines - love it!

  2. I need wood in the kitchen, preferably a blend of wood and white ;-)

    And yes, all the items in the shelves in that top photo are welcome in my kitchen.

  3. I love them all. My kitchen is not as...warm in feeling as those, but I'm certainly drawn to them. Oh to have ten kitchens! We have concrete counters and I love them. Love my stainless island too though!

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