Bathroom brainstorming: Wallpaper

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I've been seeing quite a lot of bathrooms covered with wallpapers lately and I must admit I am beginning to like it. Actually, I was never a fan of wallpapers as they reminded me of  semi-abandoned, old granny houses, over-cluttered and dusty. Now, with all this amazing inspiration going around and all these new, super-stylish, versatile and balanced wallpapers you can easily get your hands on, I have come to change my mind and can't wait to have a few of my walls in my dreamhouse covered with one or two patterns.  

But having my bathroom covered as well? Love the result, the bold and elegant feeling and the classy atmosphere one can make but I'm a bit unsure and that has to do with the moist. I mean, a bathroom can be a pretty wet place, right? And a wallpaper has to be quite water resistant to keep up. It is a pity to create a wonderfully colored bathroom that would last only a couple of years. 

Please, let me know what you think. Do you have wallpaper in your bathroom or would you go for it? (I'd love to wake up to a bathroom like the one in the first image, *sigh*)

Image credits:
1.Justin Bernhaut, 2.Pierre-Jean Verger, 3.Amanda Nisbet Design, 4.Michael Wells, 5.Isabel lopez-Quesada, 6.Digs by Katie, 7.neuhaus design, 8,9. Evelyn Muller via Casa de Valentina
9 comments on "Bathroom brainstorming: Wallpaper"
  1. Love this, I'm obsessed with wallpapers!
    I would only go for wallpaper if I had a guest toilet or a small bathroom that didn't have a shower. And the smaller the space the bolder wallpaper I'd use.

  2. I just loved the first bathroom
    I may just try sth like this in the small bath in my house when I get bored seeing the tiles my husband insisted on installing from floor to ceiling! Grrrr!
    Btw, your blog is just great!
    Probably the best greek out there :)

  3. The bathroom with the fireplace! Bliss!

  4. I love that first bathroom soo much! The wallpaper with the mirror and light fixtures - awesome. I would definitely want to have wallpaper in a bathroom if I had a guest or half bath. They've got such fun, modern options now - I love Joy's Hygge and West paper!

  5. Eleni thank you so much for visiting my blog and lovely comment :-) Have a great weekend!

  6. like it a lot but would not use it in a bathroom.. but yes for a small guest toilet..

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