Wood warm

Friday, January 6, 2012

Today is the last holiday day (is that phrase actually correct?!) and the rain hasn't stopped all day. Love it! I also love what wood does to any place during winter, from bathrooms, to bedrooms and kitchens, on walls, floors, roof or furniture. Preferably the aged patina one that carries with it the warmth and tenderness of the years to have passed. Don't you agree?
Enjoy your day and the weekend to follow, friends! xoxo

Image credits:
1.Andreas Von Einsiedel via House and Garden February 2011, 2.Alina Gozin'a, 3.Luc Roymans, 4. house&home, 5.home of mine
5 comments on "Wood warm"
  1. Lovely post, I love the fireplace, and the kitchen table!!

  2. love the feel of aged and weathered wood...especially during the cold winter months..
    what lovely images and I especially love the first pic.. :)
    what a beautiful blog too...

  3. oeh i really want to have fireplace when i get my own house! It gives such an nice ambiance to your home

  4. I'm really into modern interior. But I love the feel of aged wood design. I agree that it's also warmer there during the winter season.

  5. These are beautiful. It looks so cozy!