Sunday bliss

Sunday, December 11, 2011

How's your weekend so far? I'm off to get some sunrays into my system, totally blocking away anything that has to do with work-stress-chores. Oh, I do love Sundays ☺

Image via apartment 34.
6 comments on "Sunday bliss"
  1. I LOVE Sundays too and I totally love that photo you posted and your previous Christmassy posts ;-)

    PS. Thank you for the place mats complement. I loved them on the table and I'm thinking about framing the hippo one. I love that one.

  2. Love this picture. Totally Sunday BLISS!! Leahx

  3. I'm posting late to this article - but I can't help it. This pic gives me an idea on how to display the many photos I own. Great wall! Also, I see that placing magazines (I have hundreds) on ottomans and chairs is acceptable. I tried to hide them, but some will end up on some visible surfaces.

  4. Beautiful and I feel relaxed just viewing your Sunday Bliss. Thank you for sharing you talent with us.

    Ollie B.