Cottage warmth

Monday, December 12, 2011

How about starting this week with the most inviting cottage atmosphere (yes, I do mean the large, burning fireplace, the kilims and the woven throws, the logs ready to be thrown into the fire and the fresh, smelling flowers..) So, are you with me?

P.S. If you feel inspired by these hand-woven pillows you should check sukan and folklorelove on etsy.

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4 comments on "Cottage warmth"
  1. I´m totally with you :) I´m actually spending most of my Christmas in a cottage, and I hope it will as cosy as this.... that would be heaven!

    I´m also happy to say that you are the winner of my giveaway! Congratulations! You will soon get a white Caravaggio MattP1 in your mailbox, just send me your address to nina(at)stylizimo(dot)com.

    Happy Monday to you!! :)
    Hugs, Nina

  2. I´m with you girl! BTW, what a beautiful cottage is it! Love it!

  3. I loved these interiors and these pillows and I shared them on my FB page. I am a little confused because it says I won something? Am I understanding correctly? Either way thank you for all that you share. I love the earthy rusticity of many of your interiors. Your blog is my #1 favorite for inspiration.

  4. Hey Sherry, I'm afraid you mean the hand-woven pillows? This just implies that they are handmade wool pillows.. hopefully, I can arrange a giveaway sometime on these, however =)
    Thanks for having My Paradissi amongst your faves!