To live..

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Living rooms to gasp and gaze and get inspired.. I love the eclectic and easy-going atmosphere in each one of the above. Which one is your fave?

Image credits:
1.Patric Johansson, 2.Dana Meilijson, 3.Bolaget, 4.Johanna Ekmark, 5.Nils Mogensen Svaleboeg (via Northern Light)
6 comments on "To live.."
  1. i love how much light is flooding the rooms....

  2. I want to take all and mix them up just a bit ;-)

  3. Hi, Thank you for the back link to Northern Light!
    Naturally I love the last image, but the two first ones are equally as great! The Kilim in the first image is fantastic!!!!!

  4. Have to say it would be the last photo!


  5. Can I have the last living room?
    All are beautifull but last one is really unique.