Green view

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm still having this obsession (and always will, until I manage to own one) with homes surrounded by nature and green trees and little birds and all that back to our real selves motivators Now, with the weather getting colder (and all those imagination intriguing photos) I can easily picture myself having coffee on a soft, warm sofa next to a large, extra large, window that serves as the only divider between me and the outdoors. Oh, the divine song of the rain and the blessed smell of fire..

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3 comments on "Green view"
  1. What can I say? Some people are lucky!

  2. I understand your obsession so much!
    Me too I dream to live in a house surrounded by nature.. maybe one day I'll own one hopefully!

  3. feeling very thankful for the evergreen cypress trees outside my window ... green view suits me ;-)