Dining tales

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You can pretend to live in your dream dollhouse and have breakfast in the most happy sea foam green dining room surrounded by fairy lights and dozens of cute, chic lady tea cups and whimsical little boxes or just let your mind wander and travel around the globe, inspired by all those vintage framed maps around you. Either way, a delightful midweek start, don't you think?

Image credits:
1.Carl Dahlstedt, 2.Anitta Behrendt (via Bolig), 3.Laura Moss (via Country Living May 2011)
2 comments on "Dining tales"
  1. υπέροχες εικόνες! Θα "κλέψω" ιδέες!


  2. why are these cups hanging there not mine?!! And the gorgeous green plates and those yellow glasses. I want it all!!!

    Greedy much?