Monday mumblings

Monday, September 12, 2011

Good morning, dearests! How was your weekend? I was able to shut everything down, rest my mind for a while and prepare myself for a hectic week ahead. 
It's not to complain, though, things in Greece get more difficult each day (waves of unemployment and extra taxes just keep coming..) and it's more than a blessing to have even the tiniest of projects to work to- and not, by any means, be unhappy if what you spend your working hours on isn't fulfilling or hearted the least. 
So, let the engines roll, deep breath now, have a super new week everyone! (Hopefully, most of you have the chance to get your breakfast in a place like the above =)

Image credits:
1.Atlanta Homes&Lifestyles (photo by Erica George Dines), 2.Interiores April 2011 (photo by Paco Roman)
7 comments on "Monday mumblings"
  1. Beautiful flowers for a new week!

  2. Hello Eleni, I am French and I like your blog... I wait every day for the pleasure to read to you... I wanted to congratulate you and to give you of the courage to face the difficulties which you meet in Greece with the economic problems. Exactly, on this matter, I would like to come in Crete with friends to support you the tourism. Would it be possible to you to advise(recommend) to me some places?
    Goodbye. Fran├žoise.

  3. Hey Francoise! Thank you so much for all your kind words!
    You should definitely come and visit Crete, it's so beautiful =)
    Check the following links for extra info:
    Send me an email if you have any more questions!

  4. Goog Morning, Eleni. I am an interior designer in the USA. I am doing my work while having coffee. It was so nice to come across your lovely rooms. It starts my day off imagining the beauty of Greece with warm sunshine and sea breezes. Keep postive thoughts in your mind and heart. Work will come to you. A strong spirit can overcome political unrest.

  5. beautiful images, as always

    Hopefully the situation in Greece will start to improve, though it may take years considering the seriousness of it. In times like these it's very fortunate to have a job, so I'm glad you're still busy.

  6. Thank you very much Eleni to have answered so fast. I am going to consult at once your sites. I shall not miss to contact you if I have questions. Fran├žoise. Good luck for your job !

  7. Eleni,

    I found your photos this morning fresh and inspiring. I too, have been reading about Greece and the economic situation which it faces. We in the USA are also feeling tough times perhaps not as bad as Greece.

    I am glad that you are busy and I hope that the economic situation improves soon!

    Have a great week!